Daily Archives: March 8, 2012

First he looked like this


Now he looks like this


And in between — very briefly — he looked like this


The caption for the above reads “Body by Klinton Spilsbury. Voice by James Keach.” That’s because Klinton’s voice wasn’t up to snuff. Neither was his acting.

Whatever became of him anyways?

“Klinton Spilsbury? He played The Lone Ranger in a movie remake from the early 80’s. Saw a pic of him in the mask recently and was reminded of how sexy he was. Found the following which ends with a sweet sentence:

I found the following update on the career of Klinton Spilsbury. It comes from the promtional website for the film “Lethal Force” (2003), where Spilsbury served as sound designer. The 2003 bio for Spilsbury states: “Having tried his hand at acting by starring in the stunning studio misfire “Legend of The Lone Ranger”, Klinton divides his time creating audio soundscapes for subliminal self-improvement CDs and spending romantic evenings with this longtime companion of over ten years, Frank Prather.”


But Let’s not forget the greatest Lone Ranger of them all!


Gioachino Rossini, needless to say, will play us out.