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Susan and Mike

Surely the facts are not in dispute, insofar as any rational person is concerned.

“Michael Moore has taken aim at Fox News for its politics countless times over his long career. But the provocateur filmmaker now believes that the News Corp.-owned cable channel could soon be caught up in something far more nefarious than simple ideological sins.

“I’m interested to see what happens with Fox News and phone hacking,” Moore said, referring to the News Corp. scandal that has resulted in a number of arrests and high-level resignations within the British section of Rupert Murdoch’s empire. “I really can’t believe it just happens in Great Britain. Because really, who cares about just hacking phones over there?
“I’ll make a prediction about something — I think the phone-hacking thing Murdoch is involved in … is going to be investigated, and it will be found that it’s been going on here too,” he said. “I just have a gut feeling.”

I hope your guts are right, Mike.

“To this point, no U.S. subsidiary has been implicated, though U.K. prosecutors have explored the possibility of bringing suit in the U.S. because of the possibility that U.K. citizens’ phones were hacked while they were on U.S. soil.

Moore spoke Sunday at a Tribeca Film Festival event with actress Susan Sarandon, with the two elaborating on their general fears of government and other forms of surveillance.

“I’ve gotten my [FBI] file twice,” Sarandon said. “I know my phone was tapped. If they’re not surveilling you, then everyone else has cameras on phones.” She added, “I was denied security clearance to go to the White House [next week], and I don’t know why.”

Moore chimed in. “I never think about it,” he said. “It would unwind me,” before going on to say, “I assume everything I’m saying in an email or saying on the telephone is being looked at.”

A perfectly reasonable assumption. How well I recall back in the late 60’s when, as a result of my gay activist and anti-vietnam war activities my phone was tapped. Having graduated Communist Martyrs High (aka. The High School of Music and Art) I was quite used to police surveillance. The “Red Squad” car was parked in front of the Morningside Heights campus every day to snap pics of the “Red-Diaper Babies” who attended school. Our great sport was to rush up to the car and watch the cops gun the engine and speed off — only to return twn to fifteen minutes later “when the coast was clear” (or so they thought.

One of the greatest of all American myths is that of a “Free Society” with a “Free Press.” Our society is by no means free and our press is as controlled as they come. This morning on CNN the host of its Showbix Tonight program Andrew Goldberg (aka. “A.J. Hammer”)


chuckled over Sarandon’s remarks and said his show is “looking into it” mentioning their calls to the White House have yet to be returned.


Surveillance was a subject dear to the dark heart of the great Fritz Lang.


A film that won him overwhelming international fame was all about it

as was his penuiltimate American film (starring Drew Barrymore’s father)

and of course his very last film about a hotel whose every room has hidden cameras

Cozy, isn’t it? Lang knew our guilt-free secret — and that those in power (either governmental or Murdochian) will do everything to exploit it.

Gordon Sumner and company will sing us out.