Daily Archives: May 8, 2012

Quite a remarkable observation, in that Anderson Cooper’s sexual orientation is anything but precise. At least in “Mainstreeam Media” terms.

Anderson Cooper is gay.

Everybody knows this. But nobody’s supposed to say it

To say it would be considered “outing” Even though everybody knows it.

That’s because according to the “Mainstream” rules, Anderson Cooper is not “out” unless he says so himself. And as we’re relentlessly lectured by the status quo “that’s a personal decision” not to be interferred with by Truth and Honesty.

So while sites like Gawker can report on the “Big Gay Party” he threw for his boyfriend Benjamin Maisani, the “real” media isn’t supposed to acknowledge that it ever took place. And neither are we.

Anderson and Ben can go biking


They can go to the Oscars

(Anderson’s introducing Ben to the Seinfelds)

Hey they can even go to Mardi Gras with Andy Cohen

But we didn’t see that, did we?

Well Rush did.

Anderson it’s crystal (meth) clear what he meant be referring to gyms, restaurants and “that bar” whihc is called “Easter Bloc>”

Ben owns it.


Rush wasn’t calling you a “slut,”dear. HE WAS CALLING YOU A “FAG!”

As if he should talk.

Returning to the first clip he’s the full White House Presser

Again it has nothing to do with “Keepin’ em Honest.” Evil cunts like Jessica Yellin simply want to “make news” — which is to “make scandal.” For in the world of the “Mainstream” nothing is more “scandalous” than Teh Ghey. What President Obama may or may not say or do about Marriage Equality is as nothing compared to what cunts like Yellin and closet queens like Cooper have done to LGBT Americans. In their eyes we’re either to be pitied or guffawed over.

Nothing more.

Those looking for something genuinely serious about the Marriage Equality should pay heed to the words of the Rev. Dr. William J. Barber

And then there’s this video

Shane and Tom remind me of the couple seen briefly at the start of this video, which utilizes the Jon Brion song from Synechdoche New York.

Yes, lets have some fun.