Hommage A Bert Williams


William Goldman famously wrote “Nobody Knows Anything.”

He was of course speaking of Hollywood. But it’s a general rule applicable to many other circumstances, particularly those involving the Fourth Estate.

What Howie fails to mention in this standard-issue ass-covering is the fact that it took CNN a good seven minutes to recognize its “error.” FOX was far quicker.

In both instances it’s obvious the meat puppets involved were working from a script crafted by their corporate masters — heavily connected to the RNC. But in the case of CNN the meat puppet involved mentioned who handed her the script — CNN bigwig Bill Mears.

Here he is (on the right)



Naturally Howie never asked Mears to come on “Reliable Sources” to explain himself.

Still and all CNN’s egregiousness is nowhere near as vomit-provoking as Dorothy Rabinowitz.

Watch as much of this fascist bitch as you can stand.

Note the “many people think” and “we have no proof of this.” That because

and what’s left for the actual non-oligargical Americans who have to deal with all of this?

The great Bert Williams who looked like this


yet in order to make a living had to look like this