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Never was Pogo more a propos.

Yet CBS News claims “Sikh temple shooting suspect identified as Wade Michael Page; Motivation unclear”

Oh really?

Here’s a picture of the (thakfully deceased) perp.


Here’s an even better one.


“CBS/AP) OAK CREEK, Wis. – The suspect in a shooting that left six people dead at a Sikh temple in suburban Milwaukee on Sunday, and who himself was killed by police, has been identified as Wade Michael Page, who served in the U.S. Army for about six years.
According to sources in the Army, Page enlisted in April 1992 and was given a less-than-honorable discharge in October 1998. He served at Fort Bliss, Texas, in the psychological operations unit in 1994, and was last stationed at Fort Bragg, N.C., attached to the psychological operations unit. The details of his discharge were not immediately clear.”

Oh we can guess. He was a racist.

“Wade was killed outside the temple in a shootout with police officers after the rampage that left terrified congregants hiding in closets and others texting friends outside for help.
Officials had previously described the suspect as a heavy-set, 40-year-old Caucasian with numerous tattoos.”

No shit, Sherlock


Early reports claimed he had a “9/11 tattoo” But finding it on his tats-laden carcass is clearly a “Where’s Waldo?” affair.

“Sources tell CBS News some unspecified evidence suggests race or ethnicity may have played a role in the violence, but no links to extremist groups have been confirmed.
Local police called the attack an act of domestic terrorism, but other sources tell CBS News correspondent Bob Orr it may be more accurate to refer to “an investigation into a possible hate crime.”

Hey, why not start by going to the MySpace page of his White Supremacist rock band “End Apathy.”?

“Neither local nor federal sources provided further details or suggested a possible motive, including whether the suspect specifically targeted the Sikh temple.”

You can play “What’s My Motivation?” all you want to kids. It’s screamingly obvious. He hates all non-whites and he thought the Sikhs were Muslims working for Al Queida.

“The bodies of the victims are with the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner, reports CBS Affiliate WDJT. Autopsies will be performed today.
Oak Creek Police will hold a media briefing at 11:00 a.m. ET Monday.
Late Sunday, the investigation appeared to move beyond the temple as police, federal agents and the county sheriff’s bomb squad swarmed a neighborhood in nearby Cudahy, evacuating several homes and searching a duplex. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent Tom Ahern said warrants were being served at the home of the gunman.”


“Records show that Page was the registered inhabitant at an apartment in South Milwaukee from December 2011 until the present.
CBS News correspondent Ben Tracy reports Page is only believed to have lived at the residence for two weeks, according to neighbors.
“Nobody has really seen him,” neighbor Alma Rayes tells CBS News. “We heard here and there that they’ve been doing a lot of arguing, between him and another female, but I haven’t seen him.”

Issue an APB for the girlfriend.

Here are some of the women he victimized


The only Sikh I’ve ever come into contact with is Waris Ahluwalia


the ultra-chic actor featured in I Am Love and The Darjeeling Limited From what I’ve read about the religion so far they apparently have no proscriptions against gayness and while they would prefer adherents be vegetarians they won’t insist upon it. This is most commendable.

“He did not speak, he just began shooting,” said Harpreet Singh, relaying a description of the attack from the wife of his uncle, temple president Satwant Singh Kaleka.
Singh said Satpal Kaleka told him she was in the front room when the shooter walked in. She said the 6-foot-tall bald white man — who worshippers said they had never before seen at the temple — seemed like he had a purpose and knew where he was going.”

Perchance he’d visited the place before. Sikhs are friendly people and wouldn’t be opposed to anyone asking about them.

Oak Creek Police Chief John Edwards said police expected to release more information Monday. He said the FBI will lead the investigation because the shootings are being treated as domestic terrorism, or an attack that originated inside the U.S.
“While the FBI is investigating whether this matter might be an act of domestic terrorism, “

Well DUH!

“no motive has been determined at this time,” Teresa Carlson, Special Agent in Charge with the agency’s Milwaukee division, said in a statement Sunday night”

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

“Edwards said the gunman “ambushed” one of the first officers to arrive at the temple as the officer, a 20-year veteran with tactical experience, tended to a victim outside. A second officer then exchanged gunfire with the suspect, who was fatally shot. Police had earlier said the officer who was shot killed the suspected shooter.”

What must now be done is quite clear.

The Second ammendment MUST be repealed.

Guns are a privilege — not a right. They should be carefully regulated and all gun purchasers should be throughly checked out for potential mass-murderousness.

Wayne La Pierre should be put in Preventative Detention in Pelican Bay.

Akiko Yano will sing us out