Daily Archives: August 13, 2012


True — though it’s all too tempting


The point is looks aren’t everything. It’s actions that matter. Eddie Munster was a nice kid with weird hair. Paul Ryan is a sociopath with great hair.

Paul Ryan wants to eliminate Medicare and Social Security.

Don’t you just love it when the Meat Puppets say he wants to eliminate Medicare and Social Security “as we know it”? The “as we know it” implies something will be put in its place. But Ryan (whose father’s Social Secuirty paid for his education) wants NOTHING in its place, ie. “vouchers.” Those “vouchers” plus a ton and a half of money will get you minimally insured by the racketeers who run somehting they call “Health Plans” on the open market Alice Rosenbaum loved so well.

But we’re not going to get ANY love from the corporate charlatans Ryan favors.

The great Lisa Kirk will sing us out