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Oh Prunella!


“A carjacking in Arizona ended when the suspect shot himself in the head today as footage of the incident was broadcast live on Fox News Channel.
A chopper covered the high-speed chase along I-10 outside Phoenix. Initial reports indicated that a victim may have remained in the stolen car.
Chopper video showed the vehicle zooming along Arizona’s wide open highway, flashing past cars and trucks, switching lanes as it weaved through traffic, often speeding along the shoulder of the road. The camera from the chopper captured the moment the chase ended with a male stumbling out of a red SUV into a grassy area. He reached into his waistband and pulled a handgun. He then shot himself in the head.
Fox cut away from the shot soon after the man shot himself and went to commercial break.
Following the break anchor Shepard Smith apologized for airing the shooting. He said the feed was on a five second delay, but they failed to cut it off in time.
“We really messed up and we’re all very sorry,” he said. “That didn’t belong on TV… I personally apologize to you that it happened.”

Are you so much as even mildly serious, Shep? What do TV news crews follow car chases for anyway? In the hope that it will end in death of course! That’s what TV news values most — even though they turn into Zazu Pitts in a tornado when things “go wrong.”

See how it works? The fact the crew didn’t get the shot spelled the end of that show.
I’m sure there will be more to come.

Hey — maybe Kim will kill Kanye, or Honey BooBoo ice her Mom. Admit it. That’s what they want. And that’s why so many people watch.

Nico (needless to say) will sing us out.