Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

When it comes to Women’s Issues, who better to explicate than Todd Akin?

Here’s a satisfied voter!

“I believe it was God himself that put Todd Akin on the House Science Committee,” said Kansas City housewife Patty O’Door. Mrs. O’Door, 41 and the mother of seven, is also a member of the newly formed support group Adult Parents of Legitimately Abused Children (APLAC). She continued, “Mr. Akin’s legitimizing words reflect our deep scientific belief that God is a real man’s man, not a girlie-man. He is a highly spiritual thug. So show me where in the Bible it says that women and children are human beings with the right to stand up for themselves. Same for fruits.”

What about nuts?

And what about —

Leave us not forget —


Oh it’s rotten alright.

Sing us out kids