Abraham Lincoln: Oscar Hunter


There. I just saved you $15.00 and 2 1/2 hours of your precious time.


Me? I saw the furshlugginer epic last night, and what can one say?

An elaborate remake of the Disney automaton cyclorama with (as they say in the trades) “all tech credits pro” it’s destined to bore shitless the countless high school students who’ll be dragged kicking and screaming to see it thanks to the glowng reviews of Tony Scott, David Edelstein, Glenn Kenny and a host of other suckers.

It’s all about how slavery was repealed — with African-Americans occasionally allowed to slide into the dark-mottled-with-patches-of-light compositions (pretentious and tiresome in the extreme — as if it were a crime to fully light a shot) Slavery may be over along with Jim Crow but clearly Spielberg got these bit players from “Rent-a-Negro” as they are nothing more than purest cardboard.

Sally Field is fine as always. Can’t say the same for DDL. The Disney replicant is far livelier. Still liveliness in classic piece of “White Elephant” Art” (precisely as Manny Farber described it) like this would be as indecorous as farting at High Mass.

Eugene covered much the same territory in his Lincoln. Here’s a clip from the (not bad) made for TV movie.

Sam Waterson’s perfectly OK, but far from “inspiring” in the way the doxa has insisted we see Lincoln — an “ordinary man” who was also a deity. A variation on that beloved flesh-eating zombie, so memorably portrayed by Jean Sorel for Bunuel

Here’s Henry Fonda’s Lincoln in the John Ford– daring to fake mortal man’s eating habits

Even Ku Klux Klan promoter DW. Griffth got in line to serve up the requisite hagiographic overkill.

No wonder then that the last Lincoln movie to hit the screens before this one was

Speilberg’s Lincoln is after Oscars not vampires. And it will be certain to get them.

Abraham Lincoln is a istorial figure of interest, but he was also a human being. Unfortunately death deified him beyond recall. There is nothing to say about him

But thanks to Sondheim we can sing.

a fortiori

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