“Marines, Let’s Go!”


No, not there — HERE!

An Avalanche of Adorableness! I haven’t seen a double scoop of such drop-dead gorgeous since –


MY but things have changed since Tom Tryon was a Marine !


Not to mention since he was alive.

Singing us out (and in memory of the late great Shadow Morton) The Shangri-La’s offer the only possible response to such a tsunami of loveliness.


  1. Natch March 9, 2013 8:23 am 

    Was T. Tryon a good actor ? I don’t remember have seen him in any film, even « the Cardinal » – but I think I remember he was (should have been) in Marilyn’s uncompleted last film (Hasn’t he died of AIDS ?). So I better know his work as author through the cinematographic adaptations of “the Other” and “Fedora” – I liked the films, even if I don’t have a clear remember of the Wilder’s one. The stories were very interesting, hence my second, sorry, third question (if you have read him): was he a good writer ?

  2. David E March 9, 2013 10:44 am 

    He wasn’t a bad actor. Working wth preminger really took it out of him however. But on leaving acting he won enormous success as a writer of popular fiction. I’m a big fan of Wilder’s Fedora — what we MacMahonists would call “an autumnal masterpiece.

    Yes he was in Something’s Got to Give He plays the Randolph Scott part (GGTG being a remake of My Favorite Wife) Mr. Cukor (no fool he) shot some lovely scenes of Tryon on water skis (Hubba-Hubba!)

    When I was working as a guard at the Metropolitan Museum of Art back in the early 70’s I used to see him all the time with his boytoy Cal Culver (aka. “Casey Donovan”) and their friend Richard Deacon (“Mel Cooley” on The Dick Van Dyke Show) Deacon was an art expert and would give them little lecture tours of the collection.

    And yes, like Culver, Tyron died of AIDS. Sad. Very nice man.

  3. Natch March 9, 2013 11:31 am 

    I met a sculptor named Richard Deacon at the Beaux-Arts where he was teaching, (I ask this because you talk about the Museum of Modern Art, but I guess he is a namesake).

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