Daily Archives: March 28, 2013

Admit it. When you hear the word “Edie” here’s the first person that comes to mind.

Edie 1

Or, if you rank higher of the Posmodernity Scale, then it’s –

Edie 2

And speaking of staunch, we’ve now got a third Edie of note.


In the words of The World’s Worst Newspaper . . .

As Ms. Windsor stood on the steps of the Supreme Court on Wednesday, wearing that same brooch on her lapel, she marveled at the fact that someone who was once so afraid of saying that she was a lesbian had become the central figure in the case that could strike down the law forbidding federal recognition of marriages like the one she and her partner, who is now deceased, entered into in 2007.
Now 83, she has difficulty walking and hearing. “I’m half deaf,” she said with a self-deprecating smile when asked by reporters what she made of the oral arguments in her case. She could barely see over the microphones.
But age has not dulled her wit, nor muted her appreciation of the moment she found herself in on Wednesday.
“Hi. I’m Edie Windsor, and somebody wrote me a large speech which I’m not going to make,” she said, clutching a white sheaf of paper with large-type writing on it. “I am today an out lesbian, O.K., who just sued the United States of America, which is kind of overwhelming for me.”

And kind of fucking ROCKS for the rest of us.

Shirley Horn will sing us out with the favoirte song of Edie #1 that surely applies to #’s 2 and 3.