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There, that didn’t hurt a bit did it Howie? And why should it? With TWO flunkies to attend to your needs you’ll be back in the saddle in next to no time. For surely the facts are not in dispute. Or are they? Let’s review, shall we?

1. “I read it too fast” strong>

Now that’s a good one. A Major News Story breaking socio-political AND Sports precedent comes along and you . . . skim.

Actually I think your chief “error” might be described in your terms as speaking too fast.

Aren’t they the cutest thing since lace pants?

2. “I jokingly referred to something that shouldn’t be joked about”

So why wasn’t your defense “Can’t you take a joke?” because we know it wasn’t a joke. And the proof is your little helper’s disinclination to say word one about your screamingly obvious homophobia — and that of your little pal Lauren too.

3. “I’m not going to offer any extenuating circumstances”

Translation: “I’m not going to mention Sheri. Evah!”

3. “He had played down the art about his former fiancee”

Translation: Heterosexuality Uber Alles. Teh Ghey is a “Guilty Secret” only the straight counts.

4. Re Broussard’s diatribe on ESPN: “I found that offensive and probably criticized it.”.”

Now THERE”S a fascinating notion. He “probably” criticized it. Aren’t you sure dear? Do you get it on tape perchance?

5. “This is not a ritual to me”

Oh sure it is. In fact it’s just like —

And what of his unindicted co-conspirator?


Here she is!

In a regular Daily Download feature where Howard Kurtz and I comment on the day’s media news, Howard Kurtz made a mistake. And so did I.
Kurtz said that Jason Collins, in a Sports Illustrated article about his sexual orientation, did not disclose that he had been engaged. In fact, Collins did disclose his engagement.
I knew Kurtz was going to make this point about Collins before we taped, and I didn’t double check to make sure it was accurate. As soon as I knew about the mistake, I pulled the video off of the site without acknowledging and correcting the mistake. That was another error.
To Jason Collins, who courageously revealed details about his personal life, I am deeply sorry. And, I also apologize to Daily Download readers who trust the information we provide.
As Founder and Editor-in-Chief, I am responsible for what goes on Daily Download. I am committed to being more vigilant to ensure our facts are correct and that we are more transparent if issues arise.
Lauren Ashburn
Founder and Editor-in-Chief
Daily Download

Quite the “download.”

I’m sure Hot Milky Loads



Sing us out Fosse girls!