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As I trust you’re well aware The Hollywood Reporter has just pubished a story concerning Samantha Geimer, the teenager whose sexual encounter with Roman Polanski upended his already tumultuous life.

Surely the facts are in considerable dispute.

But as regard’s Geimer’s book, The Girl, it’s existence is not news. What The Hollywood Reporter is making hay about is the cover photograph (above) which was taken by Polanski himself. The book, which will be out in September, should be fascinating reading, as writer Delia Lloyd in an article published in The Washington Post on October 11, 2012 copiously cum scrupulously notes —

LONDON — Every few years, it seems, we are collectively forced to revisit the cultural maelstrom that is Roman Polanski.




Sometimes it’s because a new film by the European director has come out. Sometimes it’s because Polanski is (once again) fleeing arrest somewhere. And sometimes it’s because we all need to pause and revisit the term rape.

This time, however, our cultural re-connection with Monsieur Polanski comes in the form of news that the then-13-year-old girl whom he drugged and raped in Jack Nicholson’s home all those years ago

They were at Jackie Bissett’s place first. But as the light was fading they repaired to Jack’s.


is publishing a memoir to tell her side of the story.

I’ve weighed in with my “side” of the Polanski story


his life being a compendium of fame, cinema and abject horror whose leading players include




Samantha Geimer – yes, she has a name – has penned a memoir entitled “The Girl: Emerging From the Shadow of Roman Polanski.” In her own words, “I am more than Sex Victim Girl, a tag the media pinned on me. I offer my story now without rage, but with purpose — to share a tale that in its detail will reclaim my identity…I am not a stick figure. I know what it is like to be a woman and a victim in the realest possible way.”

She most certainly is not. “Real” however is a figure of art.

For years, Geimer chose to remain silent on the subject of the crime that was committed against her all those years ago. Although she long ago acknowledged that she was the “girl” in the Polanski scandal, and subsequently sued Polanski, agreeing to a settlement, she has publicly said that she forgave the Polish-born director and supported his efforts across the years to dismiss the case against him.

Geimer, now 47, no longer looks the part of some beguiling teen ingenue who once – with her mother’s blessing – went to Nicholson’s home for a private photo shoot and modeling session that resulted in one of the most famous and enduring manhunts in American history. Instead, the married mother of three who lives in Hawaii, well…pretty much looks like the rest of us.


I fully believe that Samantha Geimer has every right to tell her side of this story and be more than just a label. And heaven knows there will be people of all sorts of political persuasions queuing around the block when this book is released to hear what she has to say. (In the United States, at least, Polanski’s pariah status is one of the few things that seems to unite both the left and right sides of the political aisle in our country.)


Some of us have yet to be convinced that the charge or “rape” shouldn’t include the proviso “statutory”

And yet, I can’t help wishing that she wouldn’t tell her story. When the “wronged” party speaks, it never quite works out for them, does it? Remember Elizabeth Edwards’ memoir of living with cancer – and her husband’s affair – “Resilience”? A lot of people previously sympathetic to the mother of four/once first lady-hopeful suddenly turned on Edwards, seeing her as bitter and celebrity-craving.

Which seemed odd to me. She had a right to be bitter. She was dying of cancer and the hubster had ditched he for a celebrity stalker, lying about it all the while. But as Edward Albee says “that’s just blood under the bridge”

Ditto Monica Lewinsky. Monica was never much-loved by the public. But until news of her $12 million book deal recently she might have succeeded, as my colleague Judy Howard Ellis pointed out, in re-inventing herself as the woman who emerged from early scandal to run a corporation or global foundation instead of reviving and owning the whole “that woman” discourse again.

It was the blow-job that made America’s collective head go –

Small potatoes now thanks to Weinerdude.


Geimer is clearly in a different place than either of those two women. Unlike Lewinsky, she was not party to a consensual affair with an older man, but the victim of child rape. And unlike Edwards, she is a largely unknown public figure, one whom we’ve had to define over the years because she wouldn’t (understandably) do it for us.

Steve Cooley of the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has been only to happy to jump-start a ‘definition” what with his (happily failed) 2009 attempt at Roman-snatching.

But I fear that there is no way that this story will end well for her. Even if she intends for her book to clear her name, once and for all, I imagine that all it will do is harden those who believe that Polanski is an extremely talented film-maker who was himself the victim of a legal circus (both true) and those who will forever wish to see him behind bars for raping a child and getting away with it (also true).

So which is it?

And Geimer herself – not to mention her mother –

Oh let’s mention her mother.


I eagerly await Geimer’s explanation of her mother’s actions — or is it inactions?

will be scrutinized six ways to Sunday as we proudly extol her braveness and voice even while pouring over the prurient details of exactly what happened that day 35 years ago.

Will Mom’s role in said “pruience” be scrutinized at last?

I’d rather not go there, folks. Polanski himself has clearly moved on. In a bizarre twist to this never-ending conflagration of family values, Polanski is currently filming his next movie starring…his wife.

Venus in Furs will be released shortly.

My wish for Geimer is that she can move on too.

Fair or not, it’s time to put this behind us.

But how can we? We’re all Slaves to Love. Right Roman?


  1. big boss man August 2, 2013 9:51 pm 

    You are some demented freak.

    “the teenager whose sexual encounter with Roman Polanski upended his already tumultuous life.”

    So it’s her fault that she was drugged and raped in the ass by Polanski when she was 12? So, that’s how SHE upended the life of a rich and famous moviemaker with powerful connections?

    And it was a ‘sexual encounter’, not pedophilic anal rape?

    Gee, so, if someone’s daughter is raped by a rich Jewish director, let’s feel sorry for the director whose life has been ‘upended’ by the criminal neglect on the part of the girl to let herself be raped by a pervert. If Mel Gibson had done to a 12 yr old Jewish girl, would Ehrenstein be making excuses for him?

    And notice the Hitler photo, as if the Holocaust absolves Jews of whatever crimes they commit. Disgusting. One thing for sure, Jews are tribalists who stick together, and Ehrenstein sounds like a filthy defense lawyer than an honest critic.

    No, she didn’t upend Polanski;s life. He did it to himself by deep-ending a doped out 12 yr girl in the ass.

    Jesus, with Jews like Polanski and Ehrenstein acting and thinking like this, no wonder anti-semitism has been so common.

    Such vileness. A people who are morally so judgmental but utterly insensitive to the pain of others.

    FY, Ehrenstein.

  2. David E August 3, 2013 5:15 am 

    She was not drugged or anally rapped by Roman Polanski. You would do well to read the actual police report rather than give vent to your hysterical fantasies. But being an anti-Semite that simply isn’t possible.

    My first thought was not to allow this “comment” to be printed at all. But with Geimer’s book coming out there’s going to be a lot more where you came from.

  3. big boss man August 3, 2013 12:44 pm 

    Of course a Jewish elitist like you would obfuscate the issue–in pure Alan Dershowitz style–and slant the blog post to make the reader sympathize with Polanski. For all your BS about being a progressive who sides with the people, when it comes to sticking together with a fellow Jew–especially a rich and well-connected one like Polanski–, you are no different from neocons like Anne Applebaum and Michael Medved who also insist that Roman Polanski should be immune from justice. ‘Right’ or ‘left’, the main loyalty of Jews is to stick together, and if anyone notices this little fact, Jews scream ‘antisemite, antsemite!’

    Polanski got away with his dirty deed because he had and still has powerful Jewish friends in America and Europe, and of course, those Jews, just like Ehrenstein, stick together with other Jews. It’s like Alan Dershowitz insisting that Pollard should be pardoned because, uh, he didn’t really commit no serious crime. Its no wonder that not a single Jewish swindler on the board of Goldman Sachs had to face jail time. Welcome to Jewish-dominated NY where every other ordinary black and Hispanic is stopped and frisked at the command of Jewish mayors like Bloomberg, but Jewish crooks who stole billions on Wall Street are showered with money by the Fed and allowed to take in billions more.
    But I suppose noticing such a pattern is ‘antisemitic’. Oh, my feelings are sooooo hurt. I’m gonna weep and cry.

    What we do know is that Mel Gibson had done to a Jewish girl what Polanski did to his victim–even if doping and anal sex were not involved–, the Jewish power network around the world would be hunting down Gibson to the ends of the earth like he’s a Nazi criminal, and even the US government would get involved and muscle other nations to hand Gibson over, just like Obama, at the behest of his Jewish bosses, is demanding that Snowden be turned over.

    You Jews always talk about justice but actions speak louder than words. Jewish power in Hollywood and Europe pulled the strings to ensure that Polanski will never have to face justice, but Ehrenstein who is Jew first and ‘progressive’ second, talks like the Jewish lawyer in Carlito’s Way. It’s so disgusting and foul that cretins like him got to serve as part of the cultural elite in this country.

  4. big boss man August 3, 2013 1:02 pm 

    PS. What is truly disgusting is that when Hitler was involved in the suicide of his niece, the German powers-that-be pulled strings to get him off the hook , but now, Jews like Ehrenstein who loathe Hitler have no problem with billionaire Jews all around the world using their financial, political, and cultural muscle to get one of their own kind off the hook despite the foulness of the deed in question.

  5. David E August 3, 2013 1:41 pm 

    So nice of you to take time away from your White Citizens Council meeting to post on my site.

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