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GREENWALD VOWS VEGEANCE screams the Huffington Post headline. Not since –


have we seen anything this hysterical. Surely the facts are of no interest to this Drama Queen

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug 19 (Reuters) – The journalist who first published secrets leaked by fugitive former U.S. intelligence agency contractor Edward Snowden vowed on Monday to publish more documents and said Britain will be “sorry” for detaining his partner for nine hours.

Will they now?

Here are Glenn and the boyfriend “in happier days.”


British authorities used anti-terrorism laws on Sunday to detain David Miranda, partner of U.S. journalist Glenn Greenwald, as he passed through London’s Heathrow airport.

Miranda, 28, a Brazilian citizen, said he was questioned for nine hours before being released without charge, minus his laptop, cellphone and memory sticks, which were seized.

Clutch those pearls like there’s no tomorrow!

Greenwald, a columnist for Britain’s the Guardian newspaper who is based in Rio de Janeiro, said the detention was an attempt to intimidate him for publishing documents leaked by Snowden disclosing U.S. surveillance of global internet communications.

Snowden, who has been granted asylum by Russia, gave Greenwald from 15,000 to 20,000 documents with details of the U.S. National Security Agency’s surveillance programs.

“I will be far more aggressive in my reporting from now. I am going to publish many more documents. I am going to publish things on England too. I have many documents on England’s spy system. I think they will be sorry for what they did,” Greenwald, speaking in Portuguese, told reporters at Rio’s airport where he met Miranda upon his return to Brazil.

“They wanted to intimidate our journalism, to show that they have power and will not remain passive but will attack us more intensely if we continue publishing their secrets,” he said.

In Mart Crowley’s immortal words as peerless intoned by Leonard Frey


“Who IS she? Who WAS she? Who does she HOPE TO BE?”

Miranda told reporters that six British agents questioned him continuously about all aspects of his life during his detention in a room at Heathrow airport. He said he was freed and returned his passport only when he started shouting in the airport lounge.

Brazil’s government complained about Miranda’s detention in a statement on Sunday that said the use of the British anti-terrorism law was unjustified.

Many Brazilians are still upset with Britain’s anti-terrorism policies because of the death of Brazilian electrician Jean Charles de Menezes, who was mistaken for a suspect in a bombing attempt in 2005. Menezes was shot seven times in the head by police on board an underground train at a London station.

An entirely different story.

And now for the REAL story about Miranda Bob Cesca

First, we learned from The New York Times that The Guardian financed Miranda’s trip to Germany and back. This means Miranda was conducting some sort of official business for the publication. Around the same time, Amnesty International referred to Miranda as “a Guardian newspaper employee.” Combined with the Laura Poitras detail, it’s obvious that Miranda was commissioned to do some serious leg-work on the Snowden/NSA reporting, the extent of which was unknown at the time.
And then, late in the evening east coast time, The New York Times revealed the purpose of Miranda’s trip to Berlin:
Mr. Miranda was in Berlin to deliver documents related to Mr. Greenwald’s investigation into government surveillance to Ms. Poitras, Mr. Greenwald said. Ms. Poitras, in turn, gave Mr. Miranda different documents to pass to Mr. Greenwald. Those documents, which were stored on encrypted thumb drives, were confiscated by airport security, Mr. Greenwald said. All of the documents came from the trove of materials provided to the two journalists by Mr. Snowden.
So Miranda, Greenwald’s spouse, served as a paid courier to transfer stolen, top secret national security documents from Greenwald to Poitras, and from Poitras back to Greenwald.
That’s a huge piece of the puzzle, not to mention a total debunking of any hysterical assertion that Miranda was being harassed and intimidated just because he’s Greenwald’s spouse. He was, in fact, detained because he was transporting stolen national secrets.

Cha Cha-Cha.

If you want to know All About Glenn start HERE

Glenn Greenwald (born March 6, 1967) is an American political commentator, lawyer, columnist, blogger, and author. He has been a columnist for Guardian US since August 2012. Prior to that he was a columnist for Salon.com and an occasional contributor to The Guardian. In June 2013 Greenwald published in The Guardian the first of a series of reports detailing United States and British mass surveillance programmes, based on documents obtained by Edward Snowden.
Greenwald worked as a constitutional and civil rights litigator before becoming a contributor (columnist and blogger) to Salon.com, where he focused on political and legal topics.[7] He has also contributed to other newspapers and political news magazines, including The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The American Conservative, The National Interest, and In These Times.
Greenwald has written four books, three of which have been New York Times bestsellers: How Would a Patriot Act? (2006); A Tragic Legacy (2007), and With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful, released in October 2011. He also wrote Great American Hypocrites (2008).
Greenwald has received awards including the first Izzy Award for independent journalism, in 2009, and the 2010 Online Journalism Award for Best Commentary. Greenwald is a frequent speaker on college campuses, including Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, the University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, UCLA School of Law, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Maryland and others. He also appears on various radio and television programs as a guest political pundit.

Yadda yadda yadda. And now the beating heart of the matter–

Greenwald lives most of the time in Rio de Janeiro, the hometown of his Brazilian partner, David Michael Miranda. In a profile in Out magazine, Greenwald explained that his residence in Brazil was due to the fact that an American law, the Defense of Marriage Act, barred the federal recognition of same-sex marriages at the time and thus prevented his partner from obtaining immigration rights in the United States. (The pertinent section of said law was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2013, in U.S. v. Windsor.)

IOW the President that he hates has made it possible for Glenn and his boyfriend to live in the U.S.

Quite a contrast from Russia where if Glenn and David wanted to visit their pal Snowden they would be subject to arrest — and quite possibly torture and execution.

But once a Drama Queen gets up a head of steam she’s no more stoppable than Helen Lawson.

Right Judy?