Vraiment Monsieur Delon?

Delon: l'homosexualité est "contre-nature" by LeHuffPost


French actor Alain Delon, who was once described as France’s answer to James Dean, has said that being gay is against nature, and that men are here to “love a woman” and not to “flirt with or get picked up by guys.”
The 77-year-old made the comments in response to a recently passed bill legalising same-sex marriage and adoption in France.
Speaking live on France 2, he was asked about his controversial stance on prohibiting same-sex couples from having children.
He responded: “Yes, it is against nature, I’m sorry.
“We are here to love a woman, to woo a woman, not to flirt with or get picked up by guys.”
On the topic of same-sex marriages, Mr Delon added: “I’m not against gay marriage, I do not give a damn, but I am against the adoption of children.”
The comments caused controversy during the interview, and some responded with negative comments on social networking sites.
Claude Serraute, a writer, said: “It is against nature to love yourself as much as he does.”
When the host told Mr Delon they were receiving a slew of angry messages on Twitter, he said: “What I do not want is for them to adopt. But we will not discuss it for hours, or it becomes a different issue.”
Alain Delon is a famous French-Swiss actor. Madonna once described him as “charismatic” and claimed she had seen every film he had ever starred in.
Among his many roles, he has appeared in René Clément’s Purple Noon (1960), Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard (1963), and most recently Bernard-Henri Lévy’s Le Jour et la nuit (1996).







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  1. Natch September 3, 2013 10:12 am 

    It’s pretty funny to see the BHL’s film quoted after those of Clément (which came out again here this summer … Not a wrinkle !) and Visconti … For Delon, estimable actor that I found surprising in Charlus – the time taken aside, it seemed to all points of view be better made to play Morel – some say here that he has a short memory (or perhaps alzheimer’s, as his friend, the poor – and great actress – Annie Girardot) … If we judge by what his sons (legitimate or not) have said, it would have been better if they had been adopted.

  2. David E September 3, 2013 1:34 pm 

    He was Morel in life. That’s why he wanted to play Charlus in the movie.

  3. Teclas September 3, 2013 8:54 pm 

    Early on, Delon was such an axiom of youthful male narcissism on the screen that it almost seemed like a given that he probably indiscriminately fucked his way into the industry, with anybody, as long as they had leverage. Is it coming back to haunt him in his last days?

  4. Sunrise June 24, 2014 8:09 am 

    I wonder if Alain was just gay for pay in his early life or if he continued to have homosexual affairs throughout his life?!!

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