Fait Diver: Beauty and The Beasts (Foreign and Domestic)



Surely the facts are not in dispute

The Internet is a surveillance state. We’re steadily finding out that there are more people tracking our whereabouts than we ever thought possible.

including publisexuals like


For celebrities and cultural icons, this invasion of privacy isn’t anything new. The FBI has investigated the lives of popular personalities and great thinkers for decades, often without reason

You don’t say!

If TMZ existed in the 1940s, it would sound a hell of a lot like Marlene Dietrich’s FBI file. Although the German-born actress was described as “too stupid to be a spy” in the government report, her involvement with French actor Jean Gabin sparked an investigation after she acquired a visa for him. Her flings with “notorious lesbians” are also detailed, and it was noted that she had “never been able to ‘hold a man.’ She [got] them and [lost] them in ‘affairs’ ranging from one day to approximately six months.” Dietrich apparently indicated that Hitler had a “tick” for her and wanted the film star to return to Germany to make another movie. The Blue Angel seriously considered his offer, but only because she planned on killing him. For more juicy details (many, many more), read the full report

Oh That Marlene! I’m sure she could have handled Hitler — don’t you think ?

Not to mention J. Edgar

Any last words?


  1. Kirk September 10, 2013 8:14 am 

    I read somewhere that Clyde Tolson dated Ethel Merman for a while.

    Maybe he was a fan of musical theater

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