Let Us Be Absolutely Clear


Opposition to “Obamacare” ( a health care scheme created by the “Heritage Foundation” and replicated by Mitt Romney) is nothing but racism at its most pure.

It’s all about how a Negro wants to rape your girlfriend

and fuck you in the ass.

Take it away Randy!


  1. Timbo1952 October 2, 2013 12:12 pm 

    No better evidence of your point than the fact that abortion was legalized in California under the sainted Ronald and that a comparable plan in Massachusetts was passed with the active assistance of Mitt. The insanity of the Tea Party opposition is torqued up by the fear of black people pure and simple. The outrage over a black President is mind boggling. (I have to say that i am still awaiting the renaissaince of liberalism; it certainly isnt happening with Barry)

  2. David E October 2, 2013 12:17 pm 

    Liberalism was surgically removed from the Body Politic by the “Heritage Foundation” and other neo-fascist “Think Tanks.”
    That public opposition to the Vietnam war led to its end scared the living shot out of these scoundrels. So they vowed to make sure it would never happen again. The “News” is ruled by the Both Sides” meme, and as we know only one side is ever really heard.

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