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No, not that one

THIS one:

Lhota fails to mention that several members of that motorcycle gang were NYPD officers. But no matter, the L.A. Times will semi-explain it all away:

NEW YORK — Corpses are sprawled on crime-ridden streets. Rioters hurl bottles through the night sky. An elderly woman stands alone, grim-faced and tense, on a subway car slathered in graffiti.
The scenes in Republican mayoral candidate Joe Lhota’s new TV ad recall the city’s ugliest days — days that Lhota says could return if New Yorkers elect his rival, Democrat Bill de Blasio, on Nov. 5.
De Blasio bashed the commercial, which began airing Wednesday, calling it “just like the Willie Horton ad” from George H.W. Bush’s 1988 presidential campaign. Critics labeled that ad racist because it used images of Horton, a black convict who escaped while out on a weekend prison furlough and then committed a rape and assault, to illustrate Bush’s argument that Democrat Michael S. Dukakis was soft on crime.
“It is desperate. It is divisive. It is inappropriate,” said De Blasio, the city’s liberal public advocate, who in a televised debate the previous day accused Lhota of pandering to the tea party.

Well yes. He’s a Republican. That’s what he does.

Here’s what Bill De Blasio does:

And that’s why Bill DeBlasio is 40 points ahead of Joe Lhota — greatly upsetting the status quo that entities like the L.A. Times represent.

The poll numbers are eye-popping on their own, but more so considering that New Yorkers haven’t elected a Democrat as mayor since they chose David Dinkins in 1989.
“The Democrats are back, big time,” said Dinkins, who served one term before losing to Rudolph W. Giuliani in 1993. Giuliani was elected twice until Michael R. Bloomberg — a Republican-turned-Independent now in his third and final term — took office in 2002.
De Blasio, a former Housing and Urban Development official who managed Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign, became a city councilman in 2001. He was elected New York’s public advocate — serving as a watchdog for the people — in 2009. Lhota, a onetime investment banker, was deputy mayor under Giuliani. He served last year as chief of the city’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority, responsible for its buses, subways and other mass transit.
Given the leftward leanings of the city, where Democrats outnumber Republicans more than 5 to 1, the party would seem to have a guaranteed key to Gracie Mansion, the mayoral home on the East River.

“Leftward leaning” is “Mainstream”-speak for “FUCKING COMMIE!!!!!!” a flag the World’s Worst Newspaper has tried to run-up over DeBlasio already

Bruce F. Berg, who teaches political science at Fordham University is even more to the point, saying: “New York is a Democratic city, and it takes a very special kind of candidate to beat the Democrats.” But he expects De Blasio’s numbers to drop somewhat.
“I suspect there are some Wall Street Democrats who might get cold feet and vote for Lhota,” he said. “But it’s going to take something bordering on a miracle for De Blasio’s numbers to go below 60.”
After 12 years under Bloomberg, voters are also eager for change in a city with astronomical housing costs, struggling public schools and a growing income gap. The outgoing mayor’s personal wealth — Forbes magazine lists him as the 10th-richest American, with an estimated worth of $31 billion — has proved a tool for De Blasio, who has portrayed Bloomberg’s New York as “a tale of two cities,” divided between rich and poor, black and white.

Smart and stupid.

Lhota, meanwhile, has scrambled to distance himself from the Republican Party, an effort that became clear during the candidates’ Tuesday night debate.
“Do not lump me with the national Republicans,” Lhota said as he attempted to appeal to moderate Democrats who might be uncomfortable with De Blasio’s liberal values. Among other things, the Democrat has vowed to raise taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers to fund educational programs, and to replace Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, whose “stop, question and frisk” practice in high-crime areas has been denounced by critics as racial profiling.

And Lhota wants to bring it back!

The better to arrest Dante for Breathing While Black

Cause “We” know the know what will happen if we don’t keep “them” in line.

Lhota has made some progress. On a conference call recently with registered Democrats, a woman named Renee assured him that she and two of her neighbors would vote Republican.
“The alternative, he’s so leftist,” said Renee, who like others on the line was identified by her first name only. “I would not vote for him.”
Yet with less than three weeks before the election, it’s doubtful Lhota can win over enough of the voters he needs most — undecided Democrats.
“To move over if you’re a moderate Democrat, you need a reason,” Zaino said, noting that the Republicans would have benefited by giving them a reason — such as security fears — “months ago.”
Miriam Judith is one such New Yorker.
During Lhota’s stroll through a Brooklyn neighborhood Wednesday to shake hands with voters, he stopped at a small market. Judith, a Democrat, stood clutching a bag of red peppers and admitted she did not even know the Republican’s name, but wasn’t certain De Blasio was the best choice on crime. “I’m still thinking about it,” she said.

Keep thinking dear, while Nico sings us out.