Daily Archives: November 16, 2013




We know how this all ends don’t we. TMZ catching Alec calling a paparazzo a “Cocksucking Fag!”

Good grief — where ever did he learn such language?

Now I’m not here to defend Alec Baldwin.

Or Cocksucking Fags be they egregious


Or benign.


It’s simply that a little history lesson is in order.

My advice to Alec is to cool it for awhile.

Easily done as MSNBC has put his show on hiatis thanks to the “controversy.”

Isn’t that something? In the past “cocksucking fag” could be widely used, never reported and never putting the user “in a bad light.” But times have changed.

Has Alec changed? Has this former Studio 54 waiter who used to speak with great affection of the gay men who advised him on the way up — without requesting sexual “payback” — changed? Or is it simply that his incipient rage-a-holic tendencies have gotten the better of him.

You’ve simply got to make peace with this Ale. Take a cue from The National Anthem.