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Looks like Chris Hedges


has Chris Christie



The most interesting passage:

“Christie’s large public entourage always includes a videographer who captures the governor’s frequent public humiliation of those—public school teachers are his favorite targets for ridicule—who have the audacity to question his judgment. These exchanges are immediately edited and uploaded to YouTube. There are now more than 600.”

A selection –

Such an excitable fellow — right Roseanne?


Ms. Roseannadanna goes on to explain how high-pressure containers can lead to volcanic explosions.

As the “Mainstream Media” relentlessly reminds us Chris Christie is running for POTUS. Whether he will doubtless depends on whether or not any indictments come down over his actions. And odds are they will. But should that not be the case here’s a campaign song he should adopt written by the great George Gershwin for the presidential campaign of the leading character of his musical Of Thee I Sing.

Hit it ladies!