Daily Archives: January 20, 2014



It’s Martin Luther King Day.

For the Doxa this means all manner of preening and prevarication about “how far we’ve come” since the great civil rights leader was assassinated.

If you’re an Africa-American then every day is martin Luther King Day as King’s fate mirrors that of the likes of Trayvon Martin


and before him Emmett Till


Other are sure to follow with requisite reactions of shock opprobrium, indifference and unmitigated racist hostility.

Of course some whites react I what can surely be called an appropriate manner.

Mrs. Parks’ reaction is very striking — fleeing America to what she and so many others assumed would be “Revolutionary” France. A dream of course.

Not the MLK “Dream” the Doxa blathers about incessantly (as if it had any meaning to it at all) but a dream nonetheless.

Take it away Van Dyke!