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Here’s the skinny:

This guy


thinks that these guys


ought to look like THIS guy



And the clueless breeder sez —

It’s a big deal because it features gay men being gay and doing whatever without resorting to stereotypes. But instead of, say, funny, mincing guys with witty one-liners and put-downs, Looking introduces three ho-hum characters you wouldn’t hang around with if they were on SportsCenter

IOW you would have preferred –

Responding to an instantaneous tsunami of outrage, Esquire “the magazine for men” whipped up this fauxpology

UPDATE: We apologize to anyone offended by our attempt at humor in this piece. It reflects one man’s viewing experience. He does not think all gay people are boring. Just this show, a little.

Love the “a little.”

But this is no surprise. It’s a vicious world out there– right Rufus?