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Jason Collins met Matthew Shepard’s parents yesterday and The NY Daily News said —

Asked if he thought the popularity of the jersey could be seen as a symbol of support for those uncomfortable about revealing their sexuality, Collins said, “That’s something for you guys to speculate on. But I’m always encouraging others to live their life and speak up and come forward if you want to, and know that if you do there’s a lot of people waiting to support you.”

“Speculation” is indeed the province of the “Mainstream Media” which clings to The Closet like Grim Death — even as it vanishes for “celebrities” and ordinary LGBTs alike. Matthew Shepard was a pioneer in this regard — being out and proud — and as we all know paid for it with his life.


This deeply upset Republicans. Not the murder — the outness.

That was awhile back, but the lie persists thanks to the efforts of this allegedly “out” troll.


whose lies have been unsurprisingly taken up by this much-married self-loathing closet case


whose fate I suspect will be that of a Tennessee Williams character who also travelled to South America in search of “The Dark Ones”



As for future Closet Capers one hopes Rodan


might be inclined to bring it up on his new MSNBC show.

That’s Your cue, Dusty.