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Rodan dropped into the “Today” show recently. Not to do battle with Gojira but to chat with Mika Mouse and Joe Deadintern

Ronan Farrow’s MSNBC show will premiere next year, but he’s getting some practice in the meantime appearing across the channel. First up was “Morning Joe,” where he had to try to get a word in between the show’s hosts. Not an easy task, as they spend most of the show talking over each other.
Farrow met the challenge, getting in his talking points (he thinks the ACA website is awful and Obama’s phone call sign up solution won’t lure in the healthy young people ACA needs and blames the opaque government contract bidding process for it) while Mika Brzezinski whipped out her cell phone to try calling the ACA hotline and Joe Scarborough talked about how he’s “dying inside.”

As opposed to those who do their dying “outside.”


He also talked about his new show, but didn’t get to say much.
“I am so excited, we’ve got some really cool ideas for the show and, you know, it’s got to pass muster with this crowd right here, otherwise I’m going to be hazed — ” and then Brzezinski talked over him.

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See how well he handles Corporate Talking Points? Everything the Wall Street Journal prints is Gospel Truth. Unions are the cause of every ill — even when you’re not sure Unions are actually involved in what you’re talking about. And NEVER ask anyone an “embarrassing question.” This boy will go far.

As for his own “embarrassing questions”

Farrow’s been making the media rounds lately — at a Monday benefit auction, he spoke with reporters who asked about that Story about his possible Frank Sinatra parentage, sparked by comments his mother made in a recent Vanity Fair interview.
“I’m fairly … I mean, I appreciate how hilarious it is,” Farrow told New York Magazine. “I mean, it’s a ridiculous situation. That said, I’m pretty unfazed by it in substance, because it’s been out there both publicly and privately for so long.”

Was it now?

How long was it “out there” that Frank and Mia (seen here at Truman Capote’s Plaza hotel Fish-Fry)


had resumed sexual relations, so many years after their divorce, his remarriage and her taking up with Herr Konisberg


who is Rodan’s actual — and fairly obvious Babydaddy?


Like his mother, Rodan know the Power of a Properly Promulgated Lie. Vouchsafe it to Vanity Fair and “The Newspaper of Record” and it’s better than any actual truth.

Scarborough asked when we can expect to Farrow’s show to premiere.
“January. Stay tuned!” Farrow said.

January 2015? Or haven’t the drugs kicked in yet?

And now the man who isn’t his father with a lovely number performed at the “Concert For The Americas” aka. “Frank Sinatra Sings For Latin American Dictators.” Take it away Chairman!