Daily Archives: March 8, 2014

Well it’s official. Cardinal Dolan


finds Michael Sam


as FABULOUS as the rest of us do.

“Bravo!” you say? Doesn’t that mean this dude?


Quite a change from the era of


and her obsession with


which had us all singing



has changed a whole lot of things.

But to a very lapsed catholic who grew up in the 50’s, Dolan’s tone is reminiscent of those Priest who whatever they preached from the pulpit always longed to be liked above all. They carefully cultivated an avuncular warmth designed to break through all the pomp prohibition to create the impression that they were our Buddy

No not that Buddy — though some of them out-of-cassock were quite like him. (I used to run into more than a few at the Baths.)

What they need is a little Queer Eye For the Priest Guy. And here with a few suggestions is Kristen Chenoweth, counseling Adela Dazeem.

a fortiori