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Rummy sez –

As the unrest in Ukraine continues with Russia’s apparent take over, the spotlight is back on foreign policy when it comes to American politics.
While Ukraine and Russia have been in the headlines, it was the relationship between the United States and Afghanistan that made the news when former U.S. Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld appeared on Fox News for an interview with Greta Van Susteren. Rumsfeld criticized the Obama administration’s handling of their relationship with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, stating that the relationship has gone “downhill like a toboggan.” Rumsfeld didn’t hold back, stating that a “trained ape” could handle foreign policy better.

Clearly the Belgians have been inspired by this remark

A Belgian newspaper is under fire for an image it printed showing President Barack Obama and the First Lady as apes.
The progressive newspaper De Morgen is being accused of racism for the image along with an article it published just prior to Obama’s visit to the Netherlands Monday morning.
The image clearly depicts the couple as two apes– an editorial decision that has been slammed as “stale racist drivel.”
Nigerian-born author Chika Unigwe tweeted a photo of the spread:
The article was reportedly a satirical piece that also joked about Obama selling marijuana. The newspaper packaged the photos as if they had been submitted by Russian president Vladimir Putin, Metro said Sunday.
The picture was joined by a message reading, “Vladimir Putin is the president of Russia. He sent us this attachment at our request, and chose to send pictures instead of text ‘because he doesn’t have a lot of time’,” the Independent said.
While the article has many readers outraged, there are also readers who have come to the newspapers defense. “It was a joke,” one Reddit user said.
“In their defense, there are tons upon tons of pictures and t-shirts with Bush drawn as an ape,” another user wrote.
De Morgen apologized for the image in its Monday edition, admitting it was guilty of “bad taste.”



“When you consider the fragment apart from its context, which is a properly worked out satirical section, then you don’t see the joke but just a picture evoking sheer racism,” the newspaper said. “We wrongly assumed that racism is no longer accepted, and that in this way it could be the subject of a joke.”
Unigwe, who lives in Belgium, went on to tweet in depth about the controversial spread, noting that the fault lies with Belgian society moreso than De Morgen”

Why waffle?


It’s not racism — it’s Belgium.

As for Rummy, seen here extending a welcoming paw to Saddam Hussein –


As Jon Stewart noted back in 2007 –

Rummy’s just an ape that needs more training.

Take it away Ray!