“A Really Good Guy”


Wonk Supreme Ezra Klein was interviewed about his latest undertaking by New York Magazinewhen THIS came up

What did you take away from the dust-up over the hiring of [controversial writer on LGBT issues] Brandon Ambrosino?

I took away … [Long pause.] I took away that a lot of people have very strong feelings about his writing. He’s offended some folks and as often happens with these things, he also, I don’t think got the most nuanced interpretation of what he was doing. He’s a young and inexperienced writer. I hired him not because he was a correspondent meant to be writing aggressive takes, but that he had a lot of talent as a writer in general. Our fellows program is meant to take people with a lot of talent and give them training in our kind of work. That’s what we’re going to try to do.
I think he’s writing an article as we speak. He’s a really good guy. People felt that he was trying to offend or troll them, and I know that’s not how he saw his work.

Love the long pause.
Apparently Ambrosinio’s inability to provide “the most nuanced interpretation” of what he was doing is OUR fault. He’s “young and inexperienced” you see. A cute fluffy little homcon that everyone in journalistic authority finds irresistible


Far be it from Klein to offer a position to a Non-self-loathing LGBT scribe. Doesn’t fit the picture they love so much in which gays are nothing more than chorus boys, florists, and interior decorators with better clothes and snappy vocabularies.

Speaking as a gay man who lost 75 percent of his nearest and dearest in the AIDS pandemic


And neither should you

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