Daily Archives: April 26, 2014


Yes she does. In fact that may be the heart of the problem — as far as The Boyfriend is concerned.



Yes, all the noise has been about Sterling, the owner of a Los Angeles Basketball team, not wanting African-Americans attending his games. Pretty fucking baroque, wouldn’t you say?

But the reason for this has been overlooked by the press. His girlfriend V. Stiviano (just V) is the reason.


No she isn’t an interstellar alien. She’s simply — and quite obviously — of “mixed race.”

No big deal to most people, but The Boyfriend has taken considerable exception to her having an instagram photo taken with Magic Johnson.

Does he think her placement next to a (gasp!) Negro gives the game away? Did he imagine that she was (clutch those pearls) “passing”?

What is this? Imitation of Life ?

Or perchance an earlier model — Showboat.

Give us a kiss Ava.