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I love a new buzzword — don’t you? Well good news, Dylan Byers of Politico (the favorite “journal” of Corporate Republican Fanboys) has just coined a new one for Ellen Ratner (pic above) in the ongoing imbroglio over the fact that Shep Smith is a Big Ol’Gay Homosexual

Ellen Ratner, a publicly gay Fox News contributor, said Thursday that Gawker’s recent allegations of homophobia at the network are “disgusting.”

“Publicly gay”? Now how would that manifest itself one wonders. Like Smith Ratner is Visible From Space but outside of that I can’t recall her doing anything lesbian on air. Does anyone?


The report, which included several factual inaccuracies, alleged that Fox News chief Roger Ailes had prohibited anchor Shepard Smith from coming out as gay, fearing that such an announcement would alienate the network’s viewership. It also alleged that network EVP Bill Shine was homophobic (despite the fact that Shine attended Ratner’s wedding to Cholene Espinoza in 2004.)

Really? Was the wedding featured on FOX? I somehow doubt it.

“My life partner Cholene and I have known Roger Ailes and Bill Shine for close to 20 years. We have been to their homes and Bill Shine and his family have been to ours. Countless times Roger Ailes and Fox News have supported our charities and nonprofit organizations,” Ratner said in a statement.

What “charities and nonprofit organizations”? Were they LGBT-related? “Lesbians Against Vagina” perchance.

“The allegations put forth yesterday on Gawker regarding my Fox News colleagues are disgusting,” she continued. “I proudly stand by them both personally and professionally, and vouch for their honor and character.”
Ratner’s statement came the same day Smith sent a memo to his news team calling the report “horseshit.” Ailes and Shine have also released statements condemning the report.
Since its initial publication, Gawker corrected some aspects of the report. In a statement, Editor-in-Chief Max Read said the site otherwise stood by its reporting.

“POLITICO has learned that Shine was not in attendance at the party cited in Gawker’s report, but rather in Charleston, South Carolina, with his family. Moreover, the party in question took place on July 4, after Smith renewed his contract with the network in June — which means the contract negotiations were over by the time Gawker’s alleged exchange would have taken place. Though as a Fox News spokesperson told POLITICO, “No such meeting ever took place in regard to Shep, nor would it ever.”

Max Read, Gawker’s editor-in-chief, said Wednesday afternoon that the story had been updated to note that Shine was not at the party. “Otherwise we stand by our reporting,” he said.”

Big Deal. Meanwhile here’s what the FOX website has to say about the “publicly gay” Ratner

Ellen Ratner joined FOX News Channel as a contributor in October 1997.
Currently, Ratner serves as chief political correspondent and news analyst for “Talk America” where she analyzes events, reports breaking news, and provides lively interviews with newsmakers in government and entertainment. Also, she started College Media News, a news service internship program for college students. In addition, she is Washington bureau chief and political editor for Talkers Magazine.

Prior to her stint there, Ratner served as White House reporter for the Talk Radio News Service where she provided exclusive reports to talk radio stations across the United States. Her radio affiliations included co-hosting “Washington Reality Check” on the syndicated radio show “Good Day USA,” serving as political correspondent for the “Talk Radio Countdown Show,” and hosting the award winning “New World Chronicle,” produced in conjunction with the Agency for International Development.

Ratner also produces “Talk Daily,” a daily update from key talk shows across the country posted on the Internet daily, and is the author of “101 Ways to Get Your Progressive Ideas on Talk Radio.”

She is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and a graduate of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont and Harvard University.

Nothing about her being a same-sex-married lesbian at all.

Must be an “oversight.”

Then again FOX and Ratner are probably chary of igniting the always-excitable Glenn Beck.

And now to sing us out one of my favorite “publicly gay” people.