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That would appear to be the “take-away” from the season finale of Mad Men

So wonderful to see this great performer like Bobby Morse singing and dancing — particularly on a show with so many parallels to one of his biggest hits.

Surely you can hear any number of the “Sterling-Cooper” big shots muttering “Gotta stop that man” re Don this season. But the number
Morse is doing isn’t by Frank Loesser. Rather it’s DeSylva Brown and Henderson’s 1920’s musical first brought to the screen
in 1930 >, but most memorably in 1947


was Comden and Green’s


first Metro musical. Of it they said “We always say the three greatest pictures are The Birth of a Nation, The Battleship Potemkin and Good News.” Truth was they were disappointed that Arthur Freed didn’t want them to alter the “book” in any way. Betty and Adolph were sophistication personified — but this was to be an “innocent” show. They did, however get to show their stuff in one original number.

The real sophistication in Good News was the boundless energy director Chuck Walters


was able to put into musical numbers like this

I have no doubt Chuck gave those chorus boys leaping off the counter his very special attention.

In any event in my world all art aspires to the condition of the musical. And on this score (not its “psychological realism”) Mad Men comes through.

I do hope that the final season will end with a song and dance too,

Hey, how about this — with John Hamm and Elizabeth Moss subbing for Peter and June?