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Opera News


Surely the facts are. . . WHAT?!?!?!!!

A seasoned opera singer from Georgia — the country, not the state — has been dropped from a major Australian opera company’s upcoming production of “Otello” in response to homophobic posts that appeared on her Facebook page.
Eighteen months ago, soprano Tamar Iveri’s account included some choice words regarding an anti-homophobia rally in Tbilisi, the capital of her homeland. These included comparisons between homosexuals and “fecal masses” and praise to compatriots who spat at the parade.
Long story short: a lot of people were upset, and some were upset enough to start an online petition encouraging the Australian government to kick her out of the country, and now Opera Australia has chosen to terminate her contract. She won’t be in next month’s production of “Otello” in Sydney, and a Brussels-based opera company has also excused her from its production of “A Masked Ball” next year.
Iveri, meanwhile, maintains her innocence, blaming her “very religious” husband for hacking her Facebook and posting the comments himself.

If you want to continue your career dear, see a divorce lawyer STAT!

Can one possibly imagine a gay-free opera world?


Neither can I.

Now don’t start blathering to me about “Justice.” In the immortal words of William Gaddis –


“Justice? — You get justice in the next world, in this world you have the law. . .the rest is opera.”

Cue Joe Green!