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What a remarkable pair of performing seals.

And what’s with this “down in the basement” bit Kelly is blathering about? Clearly anything that so much as hints at countering the status quo they’re desperate to maintain must be linked to filth and therefor the subterranean

Kelly and O’Reilley’s vaudeville turn is most remindful of Helene Surgere and Sonia Saviange in Salo

That scene wasn’t written by Sade or Pasolini, but rather Paul Vecchiali.


It’s from his mini-masterpiece Femmes Femmes , a film in which Surgere and Saviange play a pair of minor actresses whose stylistic affectations recalls those of major actresses (ie. Michelle Morgan, Danielle Darrieux), passing the time in the cramped flat they share. It so impressed Pasolini that he inserted this scene from in in Salo without any explanation. One can see why he did it — especially in light of Kelly and O’Reilley and their ilk.

As for that basement — take it away Kaye!