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Surely the facts are of no interest to Glennzilla

Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, best known for his reporting on the U.S. surveillance state, told me that in the year since he first met whistle-blower Edward Snowden, he went back and re-read Orwell’s dystopian novel “1984.”
In an interview on Uprising, Greenwald said that what surprised him the most about re-reading the ominous story was that “I had always remembered the ubiquity of the surveillance [in ‘1984’], which was we had a monitor in every single room of every home constantly watching every single person. So, a lot of people said, [our world is] not like ‘1984’ because not every single one of our emails is being read and or every one of our calls are being listened to because nobody could possibly be doing all that.” But, as Greenwald rightly pointed out, in Orwell’s world, “nobody actually knew whether they were being watched at all times. In fact they didn’t know if they were ever being watched.”
In essence said Greenwald, “The key to the social control was the possibility that they could be watched at any time.” Although we have no evidence that the Obama administration is engaging in any organized form of social control in our real world, the most dangerous possible outcome of the U.S. surveillance state is a dampening of dissent because of the mere possibility that the government is watching our every move.

Really? Well all I can say is –

No question that Eric Blair would have strongly disapproved of Glenn and his Brazilian Boytoy


for reasons the FaBlog has explicated previously

Goodness knows what he would have thought of Victoria Jackson

But let’s face it, these days Orwell is less a literary or political figure than a tool for “product placement.”

Big Brother loves his Apple.

As for those who persist in taking him seriously one need only to recall –

Hitchens of course, like Jean Brodie before him, went over to the Franco side when he supported the Cheney-Bush junta’s invasion of Iraq.

Needless to say I much prefer Maggie Smith to Christopher Hitchens. And so did Eugene.

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