“Call Me The Great Satan”


Can I get an “Oh, Prunella!”?

If he Big Invisible Bi-Polar Daddy Who Lives in the Sky is so upset about gay U.S. ambassadors, he should have dropped the big one back in 1999 when President Clinton appointed James Hormel


(Seen in above pic with his boyfriend Michael Nguyen) to Luxembourg

Most appropriate when one recalls Pearl Mesta


a Beltway socialite President Truman appointed to the same place. This inspired Irving Berlin to write his great Broadway hit Call Me Madam


And so, who better to sing us out (accompanied by that imp of the perverse, Donald O’Conner) than Her Satanic Majesty Ethel Merman ?

Take it away kids!


  1. davidhochner July 31, 2014 5:31 pm 

    Hi David.

    I am not sure you will remember me, but we knew each other at Pace and we hung out sometimes. You once made a short movie of me that was shown at some sort of film event in a venue near Columbus Circle. You introduced me to Margot Adler that night. I knew who she was because I listened to her “War Summary” report pretty much every day on WBAI.

    So I read in the New York Times yesterday that Margot recently passed away. I imagine you know this but am letting you know in case you don’t. I was so sorry to hear of her passing because she was such a wonderful person and made such a meaningful contribution to the world.
    So I can see from googling you that you have had a rather fulfilling life, which I am happy to hear, and that your heart has continued to stay in a good place all these years, which also is nice to hear!

    Take care for now.


  2. David E July 31, 2014 6:10 pm 

    Thank you David. Of course I remember you.
    I’ve known tat Margot was seriously ill for some time. A couple of weeks back there was a class reunion at Music and art (now the LaGuardia High School for the performing Arts and Music and Art) at which she appeared. A friend who went to the event said she knew she had little time but wanted to show up anyway. Very very sad. She was a lovely person.
    Hope you’re well. All the best.


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