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Surely the “fashion dispute” is not a Major News Story.

But of course it is.

What does ISIS matter when we’ve got a President wearing (Clutch those pearls like there’s no tomorrow) A TAN SUIT!

But of course it is.

President Obama was making serious comments about the Islamic State’s threat, but the Twitterverse was obsessed with his tan suit.
The explosion of tweets about Obama’s fashion sense seemed to reinforce the snarkiness of Twitter — and how slow, summer days bring out that quality. Of course, the outfit now has its own parody account with the handle of @BarackTanSuit.
The White House response: “He loves that suit.”

Pravda, however, has declared it “a monstrosity,” which is very much in line with the relentless dissing the POTUS has received of late from all and sundry.

Very Shirley Jackson n’est ce pas?

But here — ask Pete King

“For him to walk out — I’m not trying to be trivial here — in a light suit, a light tan suit, saying that first he wants to talk about what most Americans care about, and he said that’s the revision of second quarter numbers on the economy,” King continued, operating at Peak Peter King. “This is a week after Jim Foley was beheaded, and he’s trying to act like, you know, real Americans care about the economy, not about ISIS and not about terrorism. And then he goes on to say that he has no strategy.”

And when it comes to sartorial choices, neither does King — who has been known to wear tan himself.


But hey, here’s a helpful suggestion.

For our part, Business Insider sought an expert perspective from “Project Runway’s” Tim Gunn.
Hey @TimGunn, do you think Obama made it work?
— Hunter Walker (@hunterw) August 28, 2014

Gunn has not responded to our request.


Could it be that the dapper (and always colorful) Fashion Guru is making a run for the White House? We can dream, can’t we?

NPH, needless to say, will sing and dance us out.