Daily Archives: August 4, 2014


53 years ago today Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii — which as we all know is a suburb of Kenya.

Take it away Marilyn!

JFK faced many problems, but as we all know Lee Harvey Oswald cut them short. Yet even had he lived I very much doubt Kennedy would have had to deal with THIS —

Good grief — truth from the mouth of House Negro Supreme Juan Williams? Will wonders never cease!

Ever since he took office the calls for President Obama’s impeachment have been relentless, but especially recently — as this cartoon illustrates.


As might be expected Republicans have taken great exception to the accuracy of this cartoon. But it’s scarcely the most “outrageous” re Obama. That would be THIS —


IOW if impeachment won’t work, there are always “Second Amendment Remedies.” Right Sharon?

Happily she was defeated — and Harry Reid spared. But that doesn’t mean the thought hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind.

There have been an overwhelming number of attempts against the life of President Obama and members of his family

Here’s to their continued triumph over the Angles of this world.

Cue Sondheim.