Daily Archives: August 5, 2014

A telling exchange between La Greenwald and the NYT’s most celebrated junkie.


Note the dogs are present but the boyfriend is not.


Most appropriate as GG admits he’s become part of the “Mainstream” he once criticized — but now supplies material for.

He may prove to be a replacement for former NYT “reporter” –


especially now that


has been shown the door.

I do wish Carr wouldn’t waste his valuable time with Publisexuals like GG and do an in-depth study of today’s heroin use. It’s incredibly cheap and obviously “cut” with crap far more dangerous than before. a fortiori there’s the effect produced when users are also taking today’s lethal legal drugs. I strongly suspect that’s what did Philip Seymour Hoffman in. But then it was always “in the cards” as Sidney Lumet apparently knew.

Take it away Nico!