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A Toast


to the intrepid (and Fabulous) Brian Sims


a politician who knows just what to do about violent homophobic mobs

You can sign the “Change PA Hate Crime Law to include Sexual Orientation” petition all you want, but the real change is going to have to come from within the Pennsylvania state legislature. The good news is that there’s already a bill that’s been introduced to do it. The bad news is that it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon.
“One of the things I’ve learned is that sometimes it takes a horribly negative experience to get people out of their seats, for them to be active and engaged,” says State Representative Brian Sims of his colleagues in Harrisburg. “It’s not necessarily because they’re opposed but because they aren’t aware of the need. So we are going to be sure to utilize this horrible event to make sure that they hear about it. I’m going to be bringing two people with me who will be able to tell them all about it.”
Sims says that he hasn’t yet spoken with the victims of last week’s Center City attack of two gay men, simply because he’s been told that they need time to heal. “I want them speaking with victims’ advocates right now, not with me over policy,” he explains. “But we’ll find the time. I have to make sure that something comes of this, not just that I’m pissed off.”
The bill in question, seen below, was introduced during the 2013 session and likely won’t see any activity until 2015. Sexual orientation was part of our hate crime statute from 2002 until 2008, when the Supreme Court decided that the inclusion of sexual orientation was unconstitutional. The new bill would add gender identity, sexual orientation, and physical and mental disability to the hate crime law.

Pennsylvania 2013 HB177 Introduced

Even the Arch(bishop)phobes of the Catholic church are upset by this street attack — and want to distance themselves from it.


“A key part of a Catholic education is forming students to respect the dignity of every human person whether we agree with them or not. What students do with that formation when they enter the adult world determines their own maturity and dignity, or their lack of it. Violence against anyone, simply because of who they are, is inexcusable and alien to what it means to be a Christian. A recent beating incident in Center City allegedly involved, in some way, a part-time coach at Archbishop Wood High School. After inquiries by school leadership, the coach was contacted regarding the matter and he resigned. Archbishop Wood’s handling of the matter was appropriate, and I support their efforts to ensure that Catholic convictions guide the behavior of their whole school community, including their staff.”

Standard Issue PR, dear. How do you feel about what Brian Sims is proposing?

Patient Less Than Zero, I’ve no doubt, is as delighted with the Archbishop’s blather as he is seething with smug disdain over Brian Sims. For as he has said on far to many occasions to mention homophobic hatred is “a fundamental right” (cha-cha-cha)

Oh what a world you live in Sully. If anybody sees him and hubster physically assaulted for being the Big Ol’ Gay Homosexuals they are don’t call the cops.

Cause that would be “Thought Control.”

Tom Waits will croak us out.