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Sarko feels the same way, Norma.


NICOLAS Sarkozy admitted he had made mistakes during his time in office as he gave his first television interview after finally confirming his return to politics.
The former president said in the 45-minute interview on France 2 he had been “tempted to want to do everything himself”.

He blamed himself for losing the 2012 presidential elections to François Hollande, admitting that because he had had so much energy and self-belief, he had been guilty of believing that he could act alone.

He said he now realises that there is no “individual success”. He went on to say that “maybe age offers a little less energy but more wisdom.”
Speaking after announcing his return to politics on his Facebook page, he told the prime-time politics show that he owed it to France to return. “Not only do I want to, but I don’t have the choice. I want to return to the French everything that they gave me.”

He said he would be able to offer a credible alternative in the 2017 presidential elections and accused President François Hollande of having delivered a “long litany of lies,” during his presidential campaign. But he did not call for him to resign.

Suggesting that he would want to reunite his troubled and divided UMP party, he said he needed to “work with all the members of my family”.
In particular, he singled out two former prime ministers – who are also running for leadership of the UMP in November – who he said he would “need” when he returned to office: Alain Juppé, who he called “a partner, a friend” and François Fillon, with who he said he had worked “without a cloud”.

Mr Sarkozy accused the socialist government of “humiliating families and humiliating people who love the family” by introducing the legislation allowing same-sex marriage, though he said getting rid of the law was not a priority when so many were jobless.

So he won’t be marching with “Manif por Tous”?

Sarko knows a lot about marriage. He’s on his third


Sarkozy married his first wife, Marie-Dominique Culioli, on 23 September 1982; her father was a pharmacist from Vico (a village north of Ajaccio, Corsica), her uncle was Achille Peretti, the mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine from 1947–1983 and Sarkozy’s political mentor. They had two sons, Pierre (born in 1985), now a hip-hop producer, and Jean (born in 1986) now a local politician in the city of Neuilly-sur-Seine where Sarkozy started his own political career. Sarkozy’s best man was the prominent right-wing politician Charles Pasqua, later to become a political opponent. Sarkozy divorced Culioli in 1996, after they had been separated for several years.


As mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, Sarkozy met former fashion model and public relations executive Cécilia Ciganer-Albéniz (great-granddaughter of composer Isaac Albéniz and daughter of a Moldovan father), when he officiated at her wedding to television host Jacques Martin. In 1988, she left her husband for Sarkozy, and divorced Martin one year later. Sarkozy married her in October 1996, with witnesses Martin Bouygues and Bernard Arnault. They have one son, Louis, born 23 April 1997.
Between 2002 and 2005, the couple often appeared together on public occasions, with Cécilia Sarkozy acting as the chief aide for her husband. On 25 May 2005, however, the Swiss newspaper Le Matin revealed that she had left Sarkozy for French-Moroccan national Richard Attias, head of Publicis in New York. There were other accusations of a private nature in Le Matin, which led to Sarkozy suing the paper.In the meantime, he was said to have had an affair with a journalist of Le Figaro, Anne Fulda.
Sarkozy and Cécilia ultimately divorced on 15 October 2007, soon after his election as President.

Last but not least there’s Mick Jagger’s old girlfriend.


Less than a month after separating from Cécilia, Sarkozy met Italian-born singer, song-writer and former fashion model Carla Bruni at a dinner party, and soon entered a relationship with her. They married on 2 February 2008 at the Élysée Palace in Paris.
The couple has a daughter, Giulia, born on 19 October 2011. It is the first time a French president has had a child while in office.


However, a poll by CSA for news channel BMTV said that 61% of people disapprove of his intentions to put himself forward as UMP leader, and two out of three do not want him as candidate in the next presidential election.

He is still popular with UMP voters as 89% said they were happy he is running to be party leader and 86% welcomed his plans to run in 2017.

Most likely because it’ll mean a return to the spotlight for the Mrs.

— who will sing us out.