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Surely the facts are no in dispute.

One would think that Friday’s announcement that the unemployment rate had fallen to its lowest point since Barack Obama took office would be good news for the president. Yet as the unemployment rate has declined, President Obama’s job approval rating has worsened.
So it’s not clear how much of an effect modest changes in the economy’s condition will have on his approval ratings.
The economy outpaced all other issues in importance to voters in a New York Times/CBS News poll in mid-September, and 44 percent of Americans rated the economy as good. This marked the highest positive reading since 2007.
Even as Americans are feeling better about the economy, they decline to credit the president with its improvement. The Times/CBS News poll found 53 percent of Americans disapproved of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy, and his overall job approval rating was under water, with 40 percent approving and 50 percent disapproving.
The latest unemployment numbers will be the last ones released before the midterm elections, and Mr. Obama is trying to leverage them to his party’s advantage. On Thursday, he spoke at Northwestern University and talked up positive economic indicators while trying to rally support for Democrats. He criticized Republicans for being overly concerned with tax cuts.
It remains to be seen whether his message will resonate with voters. Historically, the president’s party loses seats in midterm elections. Even if there have been significant gains in the economy, that positive news probably won’t overcome the increasingly negative ratings of Mr. Obama.

It’s all very Shirley Jackson

plus racism, stoked by a propaganda machine of remarkable slickness.

So what should we do about this Laura? I’m sure you have a “Second-Amendment Remedy” at hand. Right kids?