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We have now entered Fugue State

ST. LOUIS — Two months after the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown in nearby Ferguson, dozens of protesters shut down intersections and clashed with city police officers clad in riot gear early Friday morning with tensions inflamed anew following another police shooting of a black teen.
Police for hours kept their distance from protesters, allowing them free reign to march and shut down traffic; but officers began to exert force after a handful of demonstrators became hostile, tossing bricks into an apartment and smashing the glass door of a local business. The officers, from the St. Louis police department, deployed pepper spray to disperse the crowd.

“Kept their distance”? How very Evita of them.

On Thursday — exactly two months after the Aug. 9 death of Brown, the unarmed black teen whose fatal shooting by a white officer sparked weeks of unrest in Ferguson — mourners and protesters gathered in the Shaw neighborhood of St. Louis, where another 18-year-old black man had been shot and killed by a white police officer the night before.

Vonderrit D. Myers

(See photo above)

was shot several times and killed by an off-duty police officer in what police described as an intense struggle and gun battle — but that family members and several people who were in the area at the time of the shooting insist was a case of racial profiling.

I wouldn’t call it “racial profiling”

I’d call it lynching.

Police said Myers fled, then fired at least three shots from a stolen weapon at the officer, who responded by firing 17 shots at Myers – hitting him five to seven times.
Family members and community leaders, however, said Myers could not have had the weapon, arguing that he was armed only with a sandwich purchased moments before at a local deli where he was a regular customer.

What would the Earl of Sandwich (see painting above) say?


Could the “special sauce” be a concealed weapon ?

Or maybe THERE WAS NO GUN — save for the one the police helpfully provided.

“They washed his blood away, but they can’t wash away what happened yesterday,” his uncle, Jackie Williams, told reporters on Thursday night. “And my family is deeply sorry, and we’re missing him already. We’re hurt, and we lost our child, and it means a lot.”

Don’t mean shit to white people!

More than 100 friends, family members, clergy and local residents gathered at the site of the shooting on Thursday night for a candlelight vigil. The family requested that the crowd disperse after prayers were said.
Instead, the vigil birthed a hybrid protest, with dozens of protesters from Ferguson joining the crowd gathered at the site of the new shooting for a march and demonstration.
Protesters marched several blocks from the shooting scene to an intersection just off the freeway, where they shut down traffic for close to an hour.
“Indict, convict, send that killer cop to jail. The whole damn system is guilty as hell,” they chanted.
“This is what democracy looks like,” they said.


The protesters took control of the intersection at Grand and Shaw streets, allowing only an ambulance traveling to a nearby hospital to get through the roadblock. Police lights could be seen in the distance, but officers did not initially engage the protests, allowing ministers and protest leaders to direct traffic away from the roadblock.
After about an hour, protest leaders ended the roadblock and again began to march. However, some members among the dozens became violent, burning an American flag, throwing a brick through the window of an apartment along the march route, and smashing the glass door of at least one storefront.
That is when officers, clad in riot gear, lined up to face the protesters. After a brief standoff, officers deployed pepper spray on protesters and journalists in an attempt to disperse the crowd.
Police Chief Sam Dotson told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that two protesters were arrested and that one officer was slightly injured.
“I’m very disappointed,” he told the newspaper. “We acted in good faith. It just shows how unorganized the protest leadership is.”

Needless to say it shows the exact opposite. But Police Chief Donaldson’s mind is filled with images of Wild Rampaging Negroes and that’s what he always sees before him.

The clash, which marked the first time in almost a week that police have used force against demonstrators and made arrests in the area, came as St. Louis was bracing for a weekend of planned protests expected to bring thousands of demonstrators.

Brace away!

The Earl of Sandwich being unavailable another Earl will sing us out.