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Separated at Birth? Perish the thought!

That’s what Mr. Culler’s Facebook page would lead one to believe.

Same-sex “marriage” is a pestilence that has descended on our society, against our will, by those in the courts and government that do not value the traditional family. These people, like my opponent SC-6 Congressman Jim Clyburn who OPENLY supports same-sex “marriage,” seek to destroy the traditional family and the values we cherish.




This has been allowed to happen because the groups and individuals pushing this evil are louder, bolder, more organized and determined than the individuals and groups that believe in tradition families.

Louder than THIS dude?


Same-sex “marriage” has become “legal” because the mass majority of citizens, those of us that believe in traditional families and marriage being between one man and one woman, have ALLOWED this to happen due to our ignorance and apathy. (Sound familiar…look at what our government has become due in no small part to our apathy and non-involvement!)
For years this insidious plan has been in the works and it has been systematically implemented with the principals paying little attention to set-backs and delays. They have demonstrated a stronger resolve and THEY HAVE WON!


For now.


If you believe in traditional families and that marriage is defined as an institution between one man and one woman then I ask that you start acting like it and START VOTING like it! Do not buy the “cuteness” and “What will it hurt?” arguments whispered in your ears and marketed to our children.

You want the little black girl Tony?

I doubt it.

Same-sex couples that seek to destroy our way of life and the institution of marriage are NOT cute and cuddly but rather (for those of you that are old enough to remember the movie), ‘Gremlins’ that will only destroy our way of life.

These people are bullies and now that they are winning their true and hateful nature is much easier to see and hear. (Watch the response to this post.)

Do not condone same-sex “marriage” or their self-destructive (they also have a strong tendency for substance abuse), alternate lifestyle. Do not attend the “over the top” and “anything goes” ceremonies or parties that these people revel in. Look away from this scourge on society and condemn it. Starve it out and actively stand against this movement and those pushing it. Seek the dismissal of all those in the judiciary and legislature that support and seek to legalize same-sex “marriage.”

Hold your breath until your face turns blue!

My opponent for the Sixth District, Congressman Jim Clyburn, openly supports same-sex “marriage” even though the people of the Sixth District (that he was elected to represent but has chosen instead to abandon and ignore) are MORE AGAINST same-sex “marriage” than ANY other district in the State of South Carolina!

How does South Carolina feel about black people Tony?

We have the numbers. We need the determination. If you cannot be actively involved then be one of the silent majority that does not aid same-sex “marriage” or it’s advocates in ANY form. Stand against this and we will reverse it and drive it back into the darkness.
Voice your opinion with your vote on November 4th. Tell SC-6 Congressman Jim Clyburn that we stand against his support of same-sex “marriage” and the destruction of the traditional family and our values.
Vote Anthony Culler on November 4!

For Dog-Catcher.

My favorite Gremlin, Nico, will sing us out.