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All because of THIS piece of dreck!

That SONY has caved is somewhat surprising in light of its initial enthusiasm.

The Interview director and co-star Seth Rogen has said that despite the controversial subject of his upcoming assassination comedy, he believes that casting the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as a villain is “not an edgy position to take.” Rogen, speaking to The New York Times, said: “He is bad. It’s controversial to him. But to everyone else, it’s fine. To their credit, [Sony] let us do it.”
In addition to Sony asking for the Kim Jong-un death scene to be toned down (as revealed in leaked emails), we also learn that it requested for him not be killed at all. “There was a moment where [the studio execs] were like: ‘They’ve threatened war over the movie. You kill him [Kim Jong-un]. Would you consider not killing him?’ And we were like, ‘Nope.’”
However, this interview with Rogen and co-star James Franco is likely to be one of the few discussing the film. Rogen and Franco have backed out of planned press interviews after hackers issued terror threats on any movie theaters showing The Interview. Some venues have already cancelled planned screenings, and there’s some speculation as to whether the film will still be released as currently scheduled on Christmas day.

Not such a Merry Christmas for SONY — as was obvious when the North Korean hackers, enraged by the film, released a number of embarrassing company e-mails — the most entertaining of which disclosing that Scott Rudin called Angelina Jolie

“A minimally talented spoiled brat”

What a Rude Boy that Scottie is! Such dissing should have been directed at –


Franco’s filmography contains several movies of note, principally Altman’s The Company in which he plays a small role, Gus Van Sant’s Milk in which he’s quite effective as Harvey’s lover Scott Smith, and
Rob and Jeffrey’s Howl in which he played Allen Ginsberg and rather nicely and read excerpts from the famous poem that gave the film its title. These encounters with Teh Ghey have led him to imagine he was entitled to coopt homosexuality itself as a personal toy, resulting in the egregious Interior Leather Bar ,co-directed by Franco and gay porn auteur Travis Matthews in which they attempt to “re-create” the alleged missing scene from William Friedkin’s loathsome Cruising Franco’s delusions of adequacy extend in many directions including poetry, painting and drama, aided and abetted by a pack of Phoebes who inhabit his Silverlake compound and ake parking impossible for his merely mortal neighbors.

As for Franco’s “personal life”. . .

After meeting on the set of ‘Whatever It Takes,’ Franco dated co-star Marla Sokoloff for five years. He was later in a relationship with actress Anna O’Reilly, until 2011 He confirmed their separation in an interview for Playboy magazine’s August 2011 issue, saying that his interest in education got between them.

Oh he’s such a busy boy!

That’s why Rogen should think twice if he imagines the two of them are another Matt and Trey.


And speaking of those jokers it’s a wonder North Korea didn’t launch an attack on SONY over Parker and Stone’s 2004 puppet film Team America: World Police which cast “celebrities” as members of an international American hit squad out to rid the world of “terrorists.”
Among its targers was Kim Jong-un’s parental predecessor, Kim Jong Il — who will sing us out with a bracing example of political satire and racial sensitivity at its most profound

Good Taste is Timeless.