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A hat tip to Lisa Futvoye-Shepherd who notes on Facebook:

“Wtf the media is making y’all forget why they died….. cause police are out of control, they are uniformed gangmembers with licences to kill…
Cops murder Kelly Thomas, a gentle homeless man with schizophrenia, because they didn’t want him sitting in that area and threatened to “f—him up” before killing him:

Cops threw flashbang into baby’s crib (with children’s toys all around the yard of the house and with no police work to justify the warrant):

Cops shoot and kill a 7 year old girl who was asleep during a midnight home raid (while film crews were filming for TV):

Cop kills unarmed man holding baby:

Cop shoot elderly man reaching for cane:

Cops shoot to kill without even identifying the target:

Cop shoots and kills homeless Albuquerque man for no reason:

Cop kills innocent, unarmed father in a stairwell because he claimed the stairwell was dark:

Cop’s record cleared for accidentally shooting boy in head:


Cop shoots boy in chest when he answered the door, mistaking a Wii controller for a gun:

Cops beat delusional man to death as citizens watch:


Cops unleash attack dog on innocent college kid already being restrained on ground by numerous officers, no punishment to officers at all:


Cops shoot and kill elderly man in his own garage at night while checking out the wrong address:

Cops shoot at man in streets in NY, hit bystanders:

Cops lied to obtain a no-knock warrant and shot and killed a grandma in her own home, then planted drugs to cover up the crime:


Cops shoots and kills honors student at college campus:


Cops shoot and wound man getting cigarettes from his own car at his own house for no reason at all:


Cops kill man by compressing him while arresting him while he was distraught:


Police shoot diabetic man after his wife called for medical help, they claim he picked up a knife:


Cops shoot man holding a toy gun in walmart with no warning and lied in their report:


Covert officers assault girls for buying bottled water, cops thought it was alcohol:


Cops kill man with garden hose using a shotgun and no warning:

Florida man survives 13 shots by officers while sitting in his car:


Cops almost shoot and kill a hospital-worker in her own home with a warrant for an entire apartment complex and screaming at her door:


Cops raiding small friendly poker games with militarized tactics, accidentally killing people– “Why did you shoot me, I was reading a book.”:


Cop beats handcuffed teen and is acquitted because video ‘should only be used to protect cops, not prosecute them:


Cop purposely holds onto door handle so he would have the right to shoot and kill a Sunday school teacher who was driving away from the cop:

Cop shoots homeless man who was deaf and doing woodcarving:

Cop shoots man in back several times, then stands over him and shoots again to kill him—questionable whether the man actually was armed or not—conflicting evidence given:

Cop attacks random people in crowd and punches NY judge, judge shocked that cop not charged:

Drunk NY cops shoot at people:

Cop with dismal record shoots 12 year old boy with toy gun:

Cop shoots and kills handcuffed man:

Police kill innocent pastor as he helped out impoverished woman:


26-year-old Ty Worthington killed by Salt Lake City, Utah police, now the unnamed officer who killed him is saying his body camera was ‘not on’ during the situation:


Officer Jeremy Dear shot and killed a 19-year-old woman in April, his bodycam was shut off:


NYPD rookie shot an innocent man in the chest, he was texting his union representative for over six minutes, NOT calling for help:


Death of an 18-year-old woman in county jail, charge disorderly conduct and resisting arrest:


Officer repeatedly sprayed mace in woman’s vagina as punishment:


Ferguson Officer rapes pregnant woman:


Arizona Cop Caught on Cam Brutally Attacking Teen Girl While Mother Begs Them to Stop

Unarmed Paiute indigenous man innocent of all crimes killed by cop in 10 seconds:

Graffiti Artist Critical After Being Run Over by Police Cruiser During Chase:

Scenes from a militarized America: Iowa family ‘terrorized’:


Interesting, just about the time our police departments were beginning to become noticeably militarized. the Supreme Court determined that it was NOT the job of Police Officers to “Protect and to Serve”, but merely to enforce the law. Coincidence? I think not.
They’ve built a standing army out of our Police. Anyone remember Posse Comitatus? WHO are they going to War against?
Had ENOUGH yet?”


And now with a show-stopper from Bock and Harnick’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Fiorello!, the lovely Amy Shaughnessy.