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No not the Chereau — the Charlie Hebdo



Brutal. Ugly. Stupid. And we haven’ heard the last of it.

Charlie Hebdo gets no points for satirical subtlety.


It’s very much on the level of this asshole–


whose constant stirrings of the anti-Islam pot mark him as something quite other than the “Liberal” he claims to be.

Make no mistake. There is nothing about Islam that makes it any more murderous than other religions — if one bothers to consult the historical record. And few do.
There is of course “another side” to all of this. I was born in 1947 and raised as Roman Catholic (my mother’s religion, my father was a non-practicing Jew) I was brought up to believe that religion was a personal and private matter and everyone should respect everyone else regardless of their belief. I’ve never got into trouble with anyone personally over religion. “You go your way and I’ll go mine” is a nice idea that Pope Francis clearly supports


Yet this lovely man – who truly walks the walk and talks the talk of a moral leader is having to share media space with monsters.
But leave is not forget the blood on the church’s hands (see La Reine Margot clip above) and that’s not to avert one’s gave from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, or the battles between the Sunni and the Shiite factions of Islam.

And why s the world seemingly exploding with all this now? Could it be that religion itself is in its Death Throes.

And we all know how dangerous a wounded animal can be.

Cue Randy