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is terribly upset, and according to office Steve Osborn (given access to an op-ed at NYT terribly sensitive too.

The gestures of protest by many officers toward Mayor Bill de Blasio — including turning their backs to him when he appeared at both officers’ funerals — have been characterized in some quarters as squandering the credibility of the department and reeking of self-pity.

To put it VERY mildly.

When I hear this sort of thing, my blood pressure goes through the roof.

Poor baby! Do you have some Trismterene pills for that?

Mr. de Blasio is more than any other public figure in this city responsible for feelings of demoralization among the police. It did not help to tell the world about instructing his son, Dante, who is biracial, to be wary of the police,

It does not help that he HAS to do that for reasons you and your pack of racist hitmen well know.


or to publicly signal support of anti-police protesters (for instance, by standing alongside the Rev. Al Sharpton, a staunch backer of the protests).

OMG! Al Sharpton! A walking talking “Third Rail”!

As if.

Al Sharpton does not rule the world. He has les power than a Jersey stripper.

If there is any self-pity involved, which I doubt, it is only because we lack respect from our elected officials and parts of the media. It has taken two dead cops for some people to take a step back and realize what a difficult job cops have.

It has taken many more dead black teenagers for the protesters you deride (white and well as black) to realize that your murder practices must be challenged. And ended.

Most cops I know feel tired of being pushed to do more and more, and then even more. More police productivity has meant far less crime, but at a certain point New York began to feel like, yes, a police state, and the police don’t like it any more than you do. Tremendous successes were achieved in battling crime and making this city a much better place to live and work in and visit. But the time has probably come for the Police Department to ease up on the low-level “broken-windows” stuff while re-evaluating the impact it may or may not have on real, serious crime. No one will welcome this more than the average cop on the beat, who has been pressed to find crime where so much less of it exists.

“Broken windows”?

Unfortunately this will require a mayor with far more finesse and political savvy and credibility with law enforcement than Mr. de Blasio appears to have. His statement on Monday that the New York City Police Department is the greatest in the world came too late. He should have been acknowledging our accomplishments months ago, instead of aligning himself with grandstanding opportunists. His words and actions before the killings of Officers Liu and Ramos showed a contempt for the police all too common on the left, and it is this contempt that the officers who have turned their backs to him are responding to.

Yes, the murder of Eric Garner was executed with no end of finesse — all the way to the Grand Jury.

But New York City must be governed and its citizens protected, and that means that the Police Department and the mayor will have to find a way to get along. The divide between us is now vast and bitter. For the healing to begin, Mr. de Blasio must find a way to sound like he actually means it when he compliments us and to follow that up with concrete actions that demonstrate respect and true understanding.
Until then he’ll continue to be speaking to a lot of backs in blue.

And you must find a way to sound like you actually mean it when you say ANYTHING AT ALL. You’re all a bunch of lying murderous thugs who deserve to die like the lying murderous thugs that you are.

And I say that with love, because–

That’s a promise.