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“Gore Vidal? There is no such person. One becomes a fictional character in other people’s work. I have been for some years, secretly of course, Lon McAlister star of Home in Indiana (1944)” — Fag Rag interview Winter 1975/76.

Who can blame Eugene for envying Alonzo?

Isn’t that bucolic?

One of Mr. Cukor’s closest friends Alonzo starred in his


which as you can see was written by future A Star is Born screenwriter Moss Hart

Yes Moss, like Alonzo, George and Eugene — was one of The Boys in the Band — who aren’t at all welcome in Indiana these days thanks to something called “Religious Freedom.”

“Religious Freedom” is just another word for “LGBT’s Lose!”

Yes it’s back to the trenches. And here to sing us out is someone else who won’t be welcome in Indiana anymore being that he’s not only a Big Ol’ Gay Homosexual but like me (and countless others these days) married to someone of the same sex.