Daily Archives: February 9, 2015


Wasn’t one Christopher Cross enough?

Mike Myers’s Dr. Evil is of course genius but I love Taran Killam’s brief brilliant take-down of Sam Smith — who as we all know has become the new crying-towel for Fag-Hags everywhere.

Well isn’t that special? Who needs a proud and resolute gay man when you can have a big pile of goo instead?

Not that Sam doesn’t have a Social Conscience.

“I don’t hate Russia, but I just will never go to Russia [because] what they do to gay people there is just disgusting and it makes me very angry.
“I’ve even said, no matter how many billions of pounds you could offer me, I just couldn’t, which makes me sad because I have Russian fans. They contact me on Twitter, it makes me sad.”

And when Sam’s sad he “sings” — or rather bleats. I’m sure there are no end f ladies longing to sooth his troubled soul. But they’re not making Fag-Hags like they used to. Sam wouldn’t have lasted five minutes with –


who as we all know loved “lots and lots of Russian Dressing.”

Much chatter about Sam being an “openly gay” first. Doesn’t Johnny Mathis count? Maybe he’s not weepy enough

As for real unhappiness let’s hope Sam doesn’t go anywhere near Larry Hart.