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Can I get an “OH, PRUNELLA!” ? Well the dude standing behind me in the checkout line at Ralph’s was duly impressed. He took one look at that cover and shouted to the wife/girlfriend standing next to him “I KNEW IT!”

Jezebel is a tad less exercised about the matter:

I’m going to let ‘Star’ take the lead here: “Three decades ago, John Travolta took a huge interest in a handsome, little-known actor named Tom Cruise—and whisked him away for a week in the wilderness together.” Specifically, the “woods” of Oregon, at some Scientology school.

The Brokeback Academy perchance?


And…that’s pretty much it, folks! Despite the fact that this article supplies little to no evidence of a gay partnership between La Cruise and La Travolta, and despite the fact that they have been seen together, like, three times in the past decade, I find this to be the most believable thing I’ve read all day.

Ya Think? Well now read THIS!

Take it away Nico!