Daily Archives: April 6, 2015

Isn’t Howie just the bestest Concern Troll EVAH?

He really really cares about the terrible threat posed by


and all those terrible “Liberals” who support Marriage Equality. Of course Howie would never come right out and say he’s against Marriage Equality. It’s Pizza that he’s worried about.

The trouble, Howie, is the delivery method.

“Memories Pizza” wants —


Whereas Gay Wedding Planners would prefer –


As for the “victims” –


INDIANAPOLIS — The national media spotlight was trained on Indiana’s Capitol all week as lawmakers dealt with the backlash from the “religious freedom” law.
But much of that attention has now moved 133 miles north to a small Indiana town of about 2,200 where one particular pizza parlor appears to have become a symbol of the state’s newest culture war. And its owners may soon become the state’s newest millionaires.
A comment by the co-owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton that she would refuse to cater a wedding for a gay or lesbian couple because of her religious beliefs sparked a national uproar.

See how it works Howie? They’re MILLIONAIRES now!

And here’s Dino to remind us of what this is all really about.